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April 21, 2018

"Simply perfect in every way! When I first saw the Venue at Rafter E there was only a concrete slap and that was it! But even though my wedding was six months away and there was clearly a lot of work left to be done I booked without a single hesitation for two reasons: the view and the owner, Mary Eckert. To say the view at Rafter E is breathtaking is an understatement. When you look out you see the full majesty and beauty that makes the hill country so magical, I knew with or without a building I was not going to find a more beautiful place to have my reception. Then upon meeting Mary Eckert, she really sealed the deal, I knew that no matter what happened the Venue would be done and ready by the time it would be the big day! I mean, what an incredible woman! She was so kind about letting myself and my family check in on the place during construction. I would regularly run into her around town and she always let me know how things were going and assured me that God forbid if anything wasn't on schedule she was out there herself working to get it done! Then when the big day finally came and we saw the place, my (now) husband and I were overwhelmed with joy when we saw the place and how beautiful it was! You can tell from every detail the love and hard work that was put into the venue, from the magnificent lighting and structure itself to the small touches like the horseshoe crosses in the concrete in the back. All of our guests are still writing letters and emails to us months after we got married saying how beautiful our venue was and how much fun they had! All in all, you won't a better venue or a better venue staff/owner than the one at Rafter E. So grateful to them for making my big day truly unforgettable!"-W.Reeh


APRIL 29, 2018

"I have been to other Venues/locations throughout my life. I love this place! All the detail and thought that went into designing this place is amazing. We had a small friends party, around 200. The owners are so accommodating, they also were so good to reflect what the best table arrangements would be. The views are spectacular, sunset so beautiful! Parking can be an issue sometimes, not with this place! They have a huge parking lot right in front. You can wear your dress shoes with confidence, as you will not walk through precarious ground. I will highly recommended this place! "-B.Beckmann


MAY 5, 2018

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"Venue at Rafter E delivered and then some on the big day! Everything was so wonderful; from the bride and groom's rooms, which were absolutely perfect absolutely no detail left out, to the kitchen, bar, the back porch and the amazing beauty of the venue itself! Our guest are still raving about the beauty of the view from the back porch. The owners were wonderful to work with, extremely flexible, brought some great creative ideas to share and made certain the most stressful day went off without a hitch, the stress really did melt away! Thank You Rafter E, this was our BEST decision!"

Wedding Reception

May 5, 2018

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I could not have imagined a better venue experience for our wedding day! The Venue is such a perfect place to get married and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a wedding venue. The Venue is very large so I was concerned that setting up would be overwhelming but it was a breeze!!! The owners are so helpful and quick to respond to any concerns and/or questions. Mary was a HUGE help when it came to setting up and arranging tables. The bridal suite is absolutely beautiful and made for remarkable 'getting ready' pictures. My favorite part of The Venue is its beautiful location. It is surrounded by breathtaking views - our sunset pictures were our favorite! I will recommend The Venue to all of my engaged family and friends!-A. Eckert


MAY 27, 2018

"Mary and Brian, owners of The Venue at Rafter E Ranch, were such a joy to work with!! Otto and I couldn’t be more pleased with how helpful and accommodating they were every step of the wedding planning process. They allowed us to take engagement pictures out at the Venue where some of our very favorite engagement portraits were captured and they also allowed us to come out and show our moms around the venue prior to the wedding and also bring the wedding planner out so everyone had a good idea of how to plan for decorations for our special day! Our guests all loved the venue and gave us many compliments and of course we were so very pleased with the turnout of the day!! We loved that we were able to utilize the bridal suite as an area for a babysitting service for our guests with children and the bar and kitchen were both very equipped and spacious. The outdoor patio was wonderful for pictures of the landscape and a nice shady spot to enjoy the view of the hill country sunset! I highly recommend this beautiful venue and you will love working with Mary and Brian Eckert!! Thanks so much for making our wedding day so wonderful!!"-K. Segner

Wedding reception

june 1, 2018

"If we could get married every weekend, we would pick Rafter E every. Single. Time!!! Mary and Bryan went above and beyond to make sure we had the best time. They exceeded all our expectations and are just genuinely GOOD people. They were available any time we needed them the two days we had the venue. We really enjoyed having our rehearsal dinner there the night before the wedding and bonus that we were able to get stuff set up the day before the wedding! The views are INCREDIBLE! One of the many examples of Mary and Brian being good people, they prayed for us to have a great sunset and we ended up with an unbelievable sunset the night of our wedding! On top of the stunning views of the property, the inside of the venue is outstanding! The lighting set the tone of the wedding so perfectly from cocktail hour to dance time! The brides room is gorgeous and made for unforgettable pictures and memories with all the girls! All DJ's/Musicians should know the sound system is out of this world and not to bother bringing their own sound system! The layout of the venue made for more great memories. From the bar being a great hangout spot (we played our rehearsal dinner video on repeat throughout the wedding at the TV there), to the huge covered patio that made the 100 degree weather feel like a breezy 80, the venue is perfect and gave all our guests a unforgettable night!"-K Weidner.

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june 23, 2018

I have been out to the venue numerous times and every time I am in awe of how beautiful the venue is!! I am so ready to get married there. It will truly be magical. There are so so so many little details that make the venue above and beyond ALL others in the area!! I am having a big wedding and it will hold all of my guests with ease. The outdoor ceremony sight is so breathtaking. The last time I went out and looked at it my mom, my future mother-in-law and I all got very emotional. I personally love that the bridal suite is upstairs looking over the entire building. I will get to see everything taking place, while my girls and I are getting ready! I could write about 10 pages of good things, but if you are looking for a venue if Fredericksburg this is IT!-H. Eckert